Taking away my friend’s virginity by having a threesome together


My friend Lily is about to turn 19 and she still has her virginity. She is very cute and there are dozens of guys who would love to sleep with her. But she just wants it to be special and unforgettable. I persuaded her that there are many ways to make it special and unforgettable, not necessarily involves a man she loves, because it is really hard for us to find someone special, even on swingers app. Even if we do, it won’t last long.

I told her how I lost my virginity and she got interested. I had my first sexual experience with two guys. One of them is my friend and the other is the friend of his. It was an amazing experience and I never regret it. For me, I don’t think my virginity must give to someone who I love, because it won’t work in the end, always. Who would marry her first love? Girls in our age, we won’t be able to Besides, many girls end up with a broken heart with their first love, so I just don’t buy it. I don’t want my first lovemaking memory to be a recall of a failed relationship on swingers app. Therefore, I would rather be with someone I don’t have feelings for, but attracted to. After I stated my perspective to Lily, she really thought it was actually a very good idea. She would do it too. Therefore, we established that I am going to help her lose her virginity before her 19’s birthday, and we are going to have a couples dating together.

She admitted that she is interested in kissing girls if it is possible, so I agreed to have a tinder for couples with her. It wasn’t my first time having threesome with girls. I can handle it. We were supposed to find our third guy in bars, but unfortunately, the bar we used to go to was closed for some reason and we forgot to bring our ID card to prove our age, so we won’t be able to enter other bars. We had to come home. At least we can still try tinder for threesome app. As much as we despite such easy and boring method, this is the only way we got. So we found a cute guy on a tinder swingers app and we agreed to meet up in Lily’s house the next day after her parents go out of town to run some errands.

The next day, Lily’s parents went out in the morning, so we invited the guy to come earlier. But it still took hours. He made it to the house at the afternoon. Since we didn’t know when her parents would be back, we got straight to the business after he arrived. He and I agreed that Lily is our focus, so the threesome went on pretty smoothly and Lily was definitely satisfied. Just after we finished and lied in bed, we heard the door in the living room was open. We sit up right away, dressed ourselves as fast we could and pretended to talk casually.


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