Compared with some other similar apps, such as Tinder, Feeld, Casualx and all the dating websites, 3rder take the most in my heart because I love it so much. In the past, I kept on changing new dating apps only because I wasn’t able to find the one meeting my needs until I came across in an accident. I fell in love with this app and I don’t think I will try another swinger app again unless I want to find something making me unhappy on this 3some dating apps. But I think I won’t be as boring as this.

I love 3rder because it is the only threesome app by far has helped me realize my dream of establishing a true relationship with a local swingers. It was a several month ago, I was so disappointed with my dating trip at that moment because I failed again with a dating website and I couldn’t remember how many failures I have had. At that time, I had already got 3rder on my phone but I just had no courage to use it, being afraid to have another bad experience. However, I still made myself brave enough to create a profile on this app while I closed it without spending one more minute on this normal app. I didn’t respect anything to this app, even now I cannot tell you how excited I was about the message I received the day.

It was a message only saying hello from a couple in my city. But I know it meant a lot to me and I sent my thanks back immediately. I didn’t wait for long before the couple sent another message to me and they said they had already checked my profile. They also told me they had some interests to get to know me more and asked me if I can offer them some more information and photos. I offered them all what they want via instant message on the app and they were very kind to explain everything to me carefully.

In the following few weeks, we often met each other on the app and we would definitely have a good time. I didn’t think things would go in such a fast speed until one day they sent me an invitation for a three dating in their house. It was really a big surprise to me and I had a bunch of followers in my hand when I stood at their door. They let me in. Everything went on smoothly and we tried all the things we can imagine that night. I am still thankful for my first dating experience because the couple took a good care of me in the whole process and this is what I am trying to do now.


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