Expert tips on how to plan an awesome threesome


Asking anyone who is not as narrow minded about what their number one sexual fantasy is, having a threesome dating is almost always the answer. Not only because it is considered as taboo in most conservative countries, but also breaks the stereotype that an intimate relationship is only possible between two people. However, when asked if they have ever put their fantasy into action in real life, the answer is also, almost always, no. Why? Because the only way the swingers who are longing to have a swinging lifestyle can only get a peek at threesomes on those X rated movies. Not only because they lack of courage to step out of their comfort zone, but also because they are not experienced enough to plan a good three some. Thus, today, let’s talk about the topic that you are all interested in: How exactly can you plan a good threesome in real life.

Having a threesome? The idea always seems to be luring enough. But the idea of trying it out yourself can be very intimidating. If you are one of those who want to find a threesome partner and have some fun in the bedroom with more than 1 person, but is afraid of being judged by the society, always keep in mind that you are living yourself only for yourself. Your goal is to have fun and make the most out of your limited existence on earth, not to please the people you don’t even know. Thus the number one step is to get over your own timidness and get some courage to chase the happiness in your own way.

After you have convinced yourself that there is nothing wrong to have fun in an non traditional way. It is time to move on to step two: get yourself a compatible three way partner. As for where to find the compatible partner who is willing to join you in the bedroom. Turn to the most powerful tool in today’s world: The internet. Typing threesome dating in Google and you will get yourself a slew of threesome online dating websites, which cater to kinky dating, bisexual dating, threesome dating as well as polyamorous dating. It is important to note that the registered members consist both couples seeking women and women seeking couples who are interested in wife sharing and wife threesome. The key to find yourself a like minded threesome partner is to be complete straightforward about your preference and dislikes in the bedroom. It is normal to be a bit conservative at first to put your sexual desire out in the day light that everyone could have a peek at. But being honest and straight about it will save you an enormous amount of time and energy and helps you find a like minded three way partner.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the bedroom business, which is the most important one, and also the easiest one. Just follow your heart and be confident!


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