It seems that more and more couple are planning to engage in couples dating with singles or other couples these days, especially young couples. Actually, my wife and I are one of these open-minded couples while we haven’t made a successful dating yet. It was two months ago since we began to use a tinder for threesome app named 3Somer to find your partners. But about two weeks ago, 3Somer didn’t work for us any more and we found we cannot search for it on the App Store. Then I read a piece of news said that 3Somer will be moved from the ios phones forever because this is the second time it is punished by the Apple company.

However, there is no regret to both my wife and me since we all agree that 3Somer is not a great couples dating app for us to miss it. Now, nearly two months after we initiated our first dating journey on 3Somer, we haven’t met some people nearby, not even one in our city. I can’t tell why there are still so many people keep using this useless app and a lot of them are glad to pay money for this app. If they come to me for advice, I will recommend them another fascinating and exclusive app especially designed for couples – 3rder.

3rder is by far one of the most prevalent couples dating apps among a huge number of kinky couples and hot men/women. 3rder is not only a couples dating app, but also is a threesome&swinger community for all of us. Since we began to use it about a month ago, we have changed our ideas of threesomes and swingers after reading a lot of customized dating tips and advice. 3rder can be said to be the best community providing a wonderful platform where users can establish interactions with others easily and freely.

Moreover, something I have to tell you is that 3rder charges its members much less than any other similar app like tinder for threesomes, including 3Fun, Feeld dating, Swingery and Couples dating. We have upgraded our membership in order to gain some advanced features, when we met a very nice couple whom we wanted to have a further conversation with. And it has been proved to be a wise decision we have made at that time since we are going to arrange our first meeting this weekend.

We love to have fun and adventures in threesomes or even foursomes. It is said that most people have fantasized about having threesomes and most of them only stop it into imagination. Unlike 3Somer, this app can really give you a great favor when you are ready to set about to make a threesome into truth. Just create your profile here and you will know how much you need it.


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