Having a threesome in my back seat

I started my swinger lifestyle in a relatively young age. It was in my 20s when I had my first threesome. It was with my girlfriend back then. We invited one of her female friends to join us. It was a nice memory. It has been over for 4 years and now I am a single. Threesome is more like a bless for singles than for couples. For swinger couples, they would have a lot more to think about before having one. Are we both attracted to this girl? Is there something you don’t want me to do? Are we going to invite the third to stay over after finished? Where are we going to find the third? A friend or a stranger from some tinder for threesome app. There are plenty of such issues need to be settled beforehand. As for swinger singles, all things depend on oneself. Much easier.

Anyway, I was quite enjoying my life as a swinger single. I can be as much swinging as I want and no one cares. I can have threesomes, foursomes, or more-somes. I can have a threesome whenever I want to. Usually, I would go to tinder for couples threesome apps to find a swinger couple for myself and arrange a get-together meeting in their house or at my house. Just like this time.

I met them on a tinder for threesome app called 3rder. Swinger apps are very great and efficient for swinger couples and singles. If you are also interested in threesomes, you should also have one. Anyway, they were married for 7 years and trying to spice things up. I think almost all swinger couples have threesome for this reason. I guess threesome can really keep a relationship fresh.

We had dinner in a restaurant. Just as usual, we talked about our threesome experiences and something we prefer each other to do and something we don’t want to do. After all set, they said that they had kids in their place, so I suggested that we should go to my apartment. They jumped into the back seat of my car. I drove in the front.

As I was driving, I could see them start kissing each other in my front mirror. It was kind of torture for me seeing them doing their business and I was like a driver trying to focus on the road. However, I couldn’t help but checking on them all the time. I saw the man taking her panties off and started fingering her. She made a really enjoying noise while giving him a handjob. It was killing me, but I didn’t want them to stop. It was a live porn show in front of me. I hated to interrupt them, so I let them kept going. However, before I arrived, they finished their business. They both came. It was awkward, but the man suggested that I could go again with her wife while he watching us. That was quite a strange threesome dating I had.

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