Do You Know This about Threesome Hookup?

Have you ever considered of having a tinder threesome? You might have, because as a matter of fact, most people have fantasized of having a threesome. It is absolutely refreshing and exciting experience to invite another person into your bedroom. However, thing can get complicated when it crossed the boundaries and expectations you expected. Before you made up your mind of what you want, there are many things need to be taken into consideration.

Is it supposed to be a male and two females? Or some other types? Do you prefer to be with strangers or someone you knew? Should you find them in threesome dating apps? Or you prefer to do it in your traditional way of hunting them in bars or clubs? You are not the only one who thinking about these details. There is someone who is called as Doctor Threesome, who have had many times of meet me and also a PHD in sexology. Here are some tips he offered.

How many women have had threesome in real life? Threesome is not just a way to get out of your sexual comfort zone, as a matter of fact, it can help you know yourself in a better way. For example, when you are considering having a threesome, you might come up with a certain type. When you are with two hot women who both want to please you. For straight guys, it is so normal. People used to have this idea of women are natural bi. In other words, it is much more normal to hear two women perform sexually than hearing two men. It means women have more freedom to explore their sexual activity and they are more open-minded. However, in fact, such sexual freedom do not corelate the same as they assume.

As many as 24% of male have had mixed-gender threesome, but there are only 8% women have had it. There are several reasons to explain why many women are not as open as most people assumed. The first one is popular culture. Having FFM threesome is pretty welcomed by many swinger couples and singles. Actually, the idea of two women kissing and touching each other is a better turn-on for men than for women. Women do it in the purpose of pleasing men more than pleasing themselves.

With more and more bisexual female come out in public, the number of FFM threesome hookup will be increased as well. After all, no man could resist the seduce from two women. There is another type, MMF threesome. It can be terrifying for women, while there is less attention on this matter it seems. MMF and FFM threesome, which is better? It depends the person who want it more badly. For men, it is obviously FFM threesome, while for women, if they have the chance and guys agree to it, MMF threesome is also an irresistible choice.

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