Some Practical Tips for Threesome Newbies

There are many articles talking about two to have threesome, tips on how to have a threesome. Actually, most people already know how to have a threesome. Few of them know some tricks and detailed things during having threesome. These things will only be known by people who actually have had them. Today, we will offer you some practical tips on threesome. If you are a swinger, no matter it is swinger couples or swinger singles, just keep reading. I am sure you will fins some of them useful to your future experience.

Men are usually more comfortable with sleeping with their friends than women. The reason for this is still remained mystery yet, but the fact is true. When looking for threesome dating partners, men tend to be less mind to sleep with their friends. Therefore, if you are his girlfriend and you are a bit cautious about having threesome with some strangers from random threesome dating apps, you can feel free to suggest to have threesome with his friends. This might not be a bad idea.

Finding a third person can be pretty hard if you are a couple. If you are already in the process of finding the third person with your partner, prepare to take some time on this step, especially when one of you are a little picky. It is not easy to find someone you are both attracted to, but also necessary. It can effectively improve the experience. Do not rush.

Get the issues solved before that night. There are of course lots of issues need to be solved before having a threesome. Before the night, three of you should sit down and make sure everyone understands the rules and boundaries. Have a pre-meeting is very inevitable. It can prevent some unnecessary awkwardness and unhappiness. Make sure everyone is on the same page and no one is left out.

Don’t be shy and be open-minded. You will never know what role you are going to play in a threesome party. The result may surprise you. Therefore, keep an open mind. Don’t think too much and just enjoy it. But if you are not feeling comfortable with it, bring it up right away, because if you are not having fun, no one will.

Be ready to be freaked out when a third hand touches you. This is a common shock for threesome newbies. No matter how fully-prepared you think you are, you will be shocked by how weird it is in the first beginning. Trying to accept it rather to reject it. After all, you have boarded and the ship is sailed. Just get used to it.

You can use some alcohol to help you. Having the first threesome is not easy. It is understandable to use a little drink to cheer you up. But do not drink too much. You still need to be sober enough to do everything right.

Give while get. You are not here to enjoy the service from other people. You can’t just lie there and have them go up and down. You need to be in service of them too. Make your two hands useful. Make sure everyone is having fun.

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