I Think 3rder Can Offer us the Best Dating Platform

Before using 3rder tinder app to find our threesome dating partner, we have used a few dating apps, such as 3Fun, Feeld dating and Swingery. However, even though we spent a lot of time and money on these apps mentioned above, we didn’t make any breakthrough on the way of our threesome dating life.

My wife and I are curious about threesomes and we can accept any type because I want to satisfy my wife and my wife wants to satisfy me as well. So, we thought it would be much easier to find a compatible partner, no matter a man or a woman, with the help of online dating apps. But things happen next told us that we thought everything too simple.

We searched for apps with the keyword threesome on the app store and we downloaded Feeld dating which is ranked to be the No.1 app in this couples dating field. However, we found it is not as good as we are told and we were asked to pay much money for subscriptions about a week later. We all agreed that Feeld was not an affordable app for us so that we came to other new apps for help.

After a waste of time about two months on other apps – 3Fun and Swingery – we came across the app that is still in use, 3rder. Although it looks unremarkable, it can be regarded as one of the best swinger apps in the dating market. After we spent a little time completing the registration and submitting our personal profile, we put it aside, which is the result of the disappointment of the previous app. But on the second day, we received a notification that some users liked us and said hello to us. This made us very surprised; we logged in and replied to our greetings, and since then we started a wonderful trip of online threesome dating.

I think so far, we have successfully made several threesomes with four different single people, and even an unforgettable foursome with another nice couple. All these wonderful experiences should be attributed to the fantastic dating platform that is offered by 3rder dating app. On such an excellent platform, thousands of real and active users make it is possible for everyone to realize their dreams. It can be said that if we are not lucky enough to meet 3rder. We can’t have the chance to live a beautiful three way life.

If you are still worried about not finding a suitable threesome partner, then you should try 3rder. It will make everything simple and drive away your troubles. We and other users welcome you to join, and we will try best to help you solve all the difficulties you meet here.

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My Birthday Gift of Threesome From My Wife

Seven years ago, I met my wife on a dating app. It was amazing to meet a girl like her online. She is cute, smart and outgoing. At least he caught my eyes immediately on that app. I never thought about meeting a girl online. So, it shocked me when I wanted to get married with her at first. We have had a great time getting to know each other. Back then, I always dreamed to meet her face to face and see her smile in front of me.

After about a month, we decided to meet each other. I was excited that day. But I had to be confident and be a gentleman in front of her. After all, it was our first meeting. I didn’t want to destroy it because of mine. Luckily, she showed up on time. And she is very beautiful just as what she showed on in the picture. Then, we started to introduce each other and spent a long time talking about things happily. I knew she was the right partner in my life. After a few meetings, we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Even if we have had arguments and fights during these years, we never thought about breaking up with each other. I think it was why we decided to get married two years later.

And the most exciting experience I want to talk about was a threesome dating we had several days ago. Believe it or not, because we met on a dating app, we deleted all those apps after we moved together. It was a commitment. Even if we have seen some tinder for threesomes dating apps, we never thought about downloading one of them to have a try. But it was a fantasy that we all want to have a taste.

That day was my birthday. My wife invited all of our best friends to our house to hold a party. After a couple of drinks, my wife pulled me and we went to our room. Then we started to kiss and undressed each other. When we were about to do it, one of my wife’s best friends knocked on the door. And my wife stand up and opened the door naked. Her friend didn’t avoid that and said that everyone was looking for us. Then my wife pulled her in and asked her whether she wanted to join us. To my surprise, she said yes. And my wife explained to me that her friend was a bisexual and she wanted to have a three way with us long time ago. “Consider it as a birthday gift and enjoy!” My wife told me. Then, we started to kiss each other and have a swinger dating that night. I have to say that it was an unrivalled experience to my and my wife.

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